Custom Fishing Rods By Reed Rods

A custom fishing rod by Reed Rods will catch 10 fish per minute, will make Chuck Norris cry, and it will help you understand the meaning of life.  Ok, maybe it will not do all of those things, but it will give you a start on understanding the meaning of life as you sit in a boat, on a bank, or while wading a stream with your line in the water.

I offer custom rods for a variety of techniques, species, and people.  The vast majority of my rods are for freshwater fishing since I am landlocked.  I specialize in bass, panfish, catfish, and fly fishing rods.  I offer a variety of builds depending on the purpose of the rod.  My builds include tournament builds, themed builds, and more.

My rods are all made one at a time and feature the highest quality components and craftsmanship.  I use the finest components and the rod will be tailored to your requests.  A Reed Rod is truly a custom rod.  I glue up and turn all the grips on lathe.  I offer cork, eva, carbon fiber, and exotic custom grips. I can add exotic skins such as rattlesnake and cobra skin to your rod and more.  I, also, often provide grips and reel seats to other builders for their builds.

Being on American Tackle Company’s Pro Staff, I offer a full line of American Tackle Components and blanks.  If you would like to try a the new Microwave guides, contact me for a demonstration. I also have my signature line of Mad-Swirled grips and components.  I am the first to apply, perfect, and share the Mad-Swirl in the rod building industry and was published in RodMaker Magazine in August 2013 introducing it.  In January/February 2015, my second article was published in RodMaker covering a method to antique and distress reel seats and grips.

Ultimately, my goal is to make sure you get the rod you want, so contact me today to begin your custom rod.


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