Custom Rod Pricing

Custom rod pricing varies greatly because of what all goes into the rod.  For example, I offer custom turned grips made out of cork, wood, carbon fiber, eva, and also offer my signature Mad-Swirled grips which all can vary greatly in pricing.   Guides can also have a wide range or prices from metal inserts to titanium SIC guides. Another thing to consider with guides is whether to use single or double foot guides. If you get a Reed Rod, we will discuss all aspects of the build from blank selection to the color of the thread and everything in between.  Most builds will take roughly 1 month for completion once the components are received.  Often times, I can spend 2+ hours with a customer discussing the rod and components before anything is even finalized. Here are just a few things I offer:

Snake Skin Inlays
Custom turned grips, cork, carbon fiber, eva, Mad-Swirl grips, and more featuring trim rings and checkerboards.
Mad-Swirled components
Custom thread work
Insect inlays
Custom painted reel seats
and more

As you can see, there are a ton of options out there for customizing your rod.  Most rods start at $225 and go up from there.

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