Rod Repairs & Pricing

This Page will continue to get updated as time allows.

Below are the prices of typical repairs.  These prices are subject to change.  All pricing will be discussed prior to any work.

$12 Double footed guide (single wrap-no inlays or end wraps)
$10 Single guide (single wrap-no inlays or end wraps)
$10 Tip replacement with a thread wrap (single wrap-no inlays or end wraps)
$ 2 Inlays up to 5 threads

For other types of repair, please contact me for an estimate.

Each guide foot will be ground smooth, and cleaned to have gradual thread ramp for the guide. The rod blank is completely cleaned before the new guide is installed. For the tip top, the old tip is removed, the tip of the rod is cleaned and prepared to install the new tip.

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