About Reed Rods

Reed Rods was founded in 2009 by me, Jeremy Reed.  I am an attorney by day, having been a criminal defense attorney and a felony prosecutor, and I am a rod builder and entrepreneur by night.  While prosecuting, I worked a case with an officer who built custom baits and that had built a few rods and did rod repairs.  Since we both shared a passion for fishing, he invited me over to build a custom rod. My first rod was a little crude, but I was hooked.  From that point on, I soaked up everything I could from the internet and reached out to other builders with questions so that I could continue honing my craft.  I also added more tools such as a lathe, scroll saw, and other jigs in order to offer more options to customers.

In 2010, my daughter was born, Maddie.  You will often find her sitting right next to me “helping” me with the rods.   We don’t move as fast when she is helping.  Just like some of my earliest memories are of catfishing with my parents, some of Maddie’s earliest memories will also be fishing with her parents and feeding the fish at Pop’s and Mimi’s pond.  My wife, Tiffany, is pretty accurate with a spinning rod, so Maddie will be able to learn a thing or two from her. Maddie and her brother (due August 2014) will both grow up around the outdoors and learn to appreciate it and respect it.

Initially, I began building rods for myself and family but that soon expanded.  Because of family obligations and work, I still do not offer a high volume of rods, but I do build high quality rods and for seasoned tournament anglers and recreational anglers.  In 2012, I began experimenting with a design I call the Mad-Swirl (after Maddie).  I was the blind squirrel that found the nut, so to speak.  I stumbled across swirling while looking on youtube.  Well, after lots of time experimenting with different paints and techniques, I finally perfected it.  In 2013, my article was published in RodMaker Magazine featuring the Mad-Swirl and I was credited with being the first to perfect and share it in rod building. Rod builders are an unselfish group, and many helped me along the way, so I wanted to share the new design with everyone.

After much experimenting, I now only use Magic Marble Paint for Mad-Swirls.  Because of simplicity and quality of the paint, I believe it is the best choice for achieving a Mad-Swirl.  Blanks, reel seats, grips, and more can all be Mad-Swirled, heck, even the electrical faceplates in your child’s room can be Mad-Swirled.  I sell the paint through my online store, www.bluecollarsportinggoods.com.  If you have any questions about a Mad-Swirl, feel free to email me at ReedRods@gmail.com.

In 2014, I was asked to be part of American Tackle Company’s pro staff as a rod builder.  American Tackle is responsible for a host of innovations in the industry, so I was honored to become affiliated with them.  They have arguably one of the most comfortable spinning reel seats (go to any rod building website and do a search for spinning reel seats).  They also offer high quality Bushido blanks, inter alia.  Most recently, they have had a huge impact in the industry with the Microwave line guides designed by Doug Hannon. They have raked in the awards with these guides.  To learn more about American Tackle Company, check them out here.  If you would like to try out Microwave guides or any blanks, feel free to give me a shout.

God Bless,

-Jeremy W. Reed

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