Do something to make the world a better place

I encourage each of you to do something to help another today.

I frequent a bass boat site, even though I do not have a boat.  I am what you would consider boatless bank trash, though I’m working on getting a yak.  There are many forums on the site, and, surprisingly, you can learn a thing or two from the site. The site is full of people from all walks of life.  There is a gentleman on the site by the name of Ron Miller.  He has had ALS for 15 years, diagnosed at 33ish, and hasn’t eaten food or talked the last 8 years or so.  He is paralyzed from the nose down.  Despite all the hurdles he has faced, he is able to type by gazing, obtained a degree, and fundraises for ALS.

Last year, he had a fundraiser, and I wasn’t building rods due to a move, so I wasn’t able to donate a rod.  I regretted not being able to do something to help.  This year I am auctioning off a rod to the highest bidder for his fundraising.  To bid, you will need to go to this site and register.  Post your bid in the the thread.  All proceeds will be paid to Mr. Miller’s fundraiser.

To learn more about Mr. Miller, check out these sites and/or watch this video.

This is an excerpt from a thread Mr. Miller wrote.  “I am 46 and have lived 15 years with ALS. I am totally paralyzed from the nose down. I haven’t had a bite of food or spoken in 8 years. I have been on a ventilator for over 9 years and have lived in a hospital almost that whole time at a cost of over 200k per year. I have lost my home, my savings, a long term relationship, many friends and my passion of bass fishing. I have lost over 30 friends who fought the disease with grace and courage including the one who inspired me to go back to school and earn my college degree. ”

I encourage each of you to do one thing today to make the world a better place.  If you would like to donate to Mr. Miller’s fundraiser, go to his page here.

God bless.

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